Stunning Four Seasons Remodel

One of my favorite projects from 2016 was this Four Seasons condo remodel by Proform Construction.  There are so many beautiful details and textures in this condo (glass curtains…what?!?), it was hard to narrow down the photos to post. I could do a blog post on just those details.  And I may just do that.  But in the meantime, here’s an overview of the finished remodel.

The design of this remodel really focused on the light that naturally comes in and how to maximize that day and night.  The glass curtains are used for privacy but to also let that light still in.  The high gloss features like the floor and cabinets were also used to reflect that light.  All of these things create a beautiful effect.  From a photographer’s standpoint, I really had to think through my lighting.  Typically I’m trying to minimize reflections.  In this project, I had to make sure that the reflections and glossy effect were prominent in the photos.  Keeping myself and my lighting out of those reflections was no easy task either.  Challenging but totally worth it to show off this unique space!

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